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Which WWE rivalry had the best storyline and Why do you think it is the best? Give us your opinion

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* This is an opinion contest. Please tell in detail (in 140 max.) why the rivalry you mention had the best storyline.
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* You can comment your opinion anonymously but you won't be able to qualify for the contest
* #Myopinionmatters should be tagged on your opinion, the comment without the hashtag will be disqualified
* Our team will choose the winner and our decision will be final and binding
* The best opinion will win PayTM cash - Rs. 50
* You must have a PayTM account to get the prize
* Winner will be announced Monday - Feb 10th @5PM

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Anonymous    09 Feb 2020 05:56 PM

Rock because he is a true entertainer.

Madhuri Chadha    07 Feb 2020 07:27 PM

I miss Roman Reign because I like his wrestling ways and he always performed well.He get so many awards and role model for other wrestlers.  #Myopinionmatters