1.Martial Art instructor in Jodhpur Gurukulam
2.Martial Art Instructor in MPS 2018-19
3.Martial Art instructor in Vidhyashram School 2017-18
4.Martial Art instructor in spring dell School 2016-17
5 Technician Official at 2nd Asian Combat games 2017
6.special Child And girls self defense training in STGC (NGO) 2017
7.Official 4th National pencake silat championship 2017
8.Official 1st Rajasthan State Tebma martial art Championship 2017
9 Self defense Instructor in Saksham program (Women self defense training by Raj govt)
10.Trainer in Way of sky martial art and sports Academy.

1. Refree in Tebma National Championships
2..National Black Beret commando camp BBC 2018
3..Tebma Fitenss Training Camp 2017
4. 1st Rajasthan state taken aback Training Camp 2016
5.State refree Training Tebma martial art 2016
6.Choi kwan do martial art brown Belt Training 2016
7.Karate black Belt Training 2016

1.1st Dan black belt in martial arts
2.2018 self defense instructor award
3..5th State Muay Thai championship 2018
Fight - gold medal
4.2nd Asian Combat games 2017
Fight- Gold
5.11th senior men & women state Wushu championship 2017
Sanda - Bronze
6.1st All india martial art Championship 2016-17 wushu - Gold
7.Indo-bhutan Taikwando championship held at Alipur daur west bangal june 2016-Gold
8.10th WFSKO National Karate championship 2016-17 Kumite - silver