Caanhub is a sports & competitions oriented social networking platform - that also works like a sponsorship agency for local competitions & events.

Millions of Local, small events & competitions are organised in every corner of our country. They find it hard to raise sponsorships for various reasons.

We want to solve that.

Now - Get Sponsors for your Local Event, Sports Competition or College Festival in 3 steps

- Register your competition/event
- Go on the ’Sponsorships Page’
- Fill Out The Form OR upload a Presentation (if You Have)

We will take care of the rest.

Click Here to Sign Up.

  • Local Leagues/Small Events - City or neighbourhood based

  • Corporate Tournaments

  • Religious - ex. Durga Puja,

  • Other Sports Events - Marathons etc.

Kinds of
We Represent

  • School Tournaments - College Festivals

  • Competitions in various housing societies & buildings

  • Cultural Events - Singing/Dancing Competitions, concerts, Awards, Fashion Shows etc.

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